Brands I Love: Pantene

This is not a sponsored post, and I don’t earn anything by posting this. I received free samples though!

I have a Pantene story that is about 11 years old.

In 2009, I was looking for someone to do hair and makeup (HMU) for my wedding. Like many brides, I checked out a few HMU artists recommended by friends. When I finally picked one, I asked her if there was anything I should do to prepare my skin and my hair for the big day.

She said, “Don’t use conditioner.” She said conditioner would make my hair too soft. The styling products and tools she would need to create my preferred look for my wedding would not work as well.

On the day of the wedding in 2010, I sat in the hotel room as she fussed over my hair, setting it so it would curl while she did my make-up. “Naku ma’am, sabi ko sa yo wag ka mag conditioner e!” (Oh, I told you not to use conditioner!)

“Hindi ako nag conditioner!” I laughed. “Shampoo lang!” (I didn’t! I just used shampoo!)

“Ano ba yung shampoo niyo, ma’am?” she asked.

“Pantene,” I replied.

“Ay sus, e di parang nag conditioner na rin kayo!” she laughed. (Oh jeez, it’s like you used conditioner anyway!)

To be fair, my hair is generally well-behaved. I rarely use conditioner, because I actually want my hair to have volume, rather than be sleek and smooth.

A while back, a PR agency offered me some free samples of Pantene Collagen Miracle conditioner. I figured it would be nice to try it, especially since I wanted to switch to shampoo bars, and sometimes they left my hair tangled.

After one try, I told Oneal, “Oh my God. This is a problem.”

“What’s wrong?”

I brought my head closer to his face. “Look! My hair is smooth! And soft! And nice!”

He made this face: -_-

I rarely use conditioner, especially since I’m trying to use more locally made products with more natural ingredients. I’m not likely to buy Pantene shampoo or conditioner. But I have to say, it’s good to have this on standby! If I were traveling, and I wanted a no-brainer way of making sure I would have nice hair, Pantene conditioner would probably be somewhere on that list.

Thanks, Pantene!

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