Impossible Week(s)

Some weeks are just impossible. Or should I say months? It feels like May was so full. I thought June would be quieter, but it wasn’t. And now it’s July!

Training. Meetings. Events. Campaigns. Crises. Birthdays. Speaking engagements. Writing assignments. Webinars. Illness. Injury. There are weeks when too much is happening, and it all feels impossible, overwhelming.

These are the times that I’m unable to spare a half-hour for yoga, that I end up working 12 hours or more. Sleep is difficult, and not restful, and insufficient. I eat only because I know I should, and an hour later I’m hungry again because I haven’t eaten enough.

It isn’t anybody’s fault. Sometimes the universe just throws things together. Perhaps people’s minds and schedules align, and all the things have to happen in the same week/weekend/month, and unfortunately there’s only one of me.

In pre-pandemic times, this confluence (convergence?) of events would mean zipping from one city to another, attending (or even organizing) several events in a single day, running from meeting to meeting, chasing deadlines and contributors, closing projects while opening new ones. I would fall sick, and be out of commission for a week. Small mercy that these days I don’t really get sick, as I don’t need to deal with inclement weather or traffic, only an abundance of things to do and a shortage of me.

Dear universe, I’d like some time to rest, please. Thank you.

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