Things are tough, and we need help.

The past few weeks have been very difficult. Oneal’s dad has been suffering health problems for a while, and tests, consultations and medications are not cheap.

Unfortunately, Oneal’s dad also suffered a mild stroke, and he needed to go to the hospital. At the hospital, as a requirement for admission, he and Oneal were swabbed for COVID-19. Dad tested positive, and Oneal was negative.

We’re lucky that Dad’s is a very mild case, and he was allowed to continue quarantine at home. Still, the hospital bill was not cheap, and neither were the tests and medication. He’s going to need some more consultations with specialists to make sure he recovers completely, and he needs a lot of medication to treat his various ailments, from the effects of the stroke to some kidney trouble. He needs a special diet too, to make sure his health problems don’t come back or get worse. And we have to watch out for any long-term effects from COVID-19.

And we still have to protect ourselves–especially Lucas, who is too young to get vaccinated–from the virus.

We’re getting by, but it’s really tough and we’re going to get wiped out. We’re used to raising funds for other people and other causes, but this time, it looks like we need to ask for help for for ourselves.

If you would like to help us out, our details are below:

Regina Teresita Magdalena Rosero

  • Bank of the Philippine Islands, Checking Account Number: 0120-0765-23, SWIFT Code: 010040018/BOPIPHMM
  • GCash: 09178163500
  • PayPal: rejjventress(at)

Ronnelo Rosero

  • Bank of the Philippine Islands, Savings Account Number: 8189-1133-67, SWIFT Code: 010040018/BOPIPHMM
  • GCash: 09178201330
  • PayPal: onealtr(at)

Many friends and relatives have sent help already. Food is a wonderful love language. Others have sent money too, and we are beyond grateful.

Many have asked how they can help, and we are so thankful for your kindness and generosity. At a time when all seems bleak, people have shown love and kindness, sympathy and thoughtfulness, and we are reminded that family knows no distance and goes beyond blood.

Thank you all. The Force will be with you, always.

PS: If you do send something, please let us know so we can send love and thanks and virtual hugs?


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