Brands I Love: Stanley and Yeti

This is not a sponsored post, and I don’t earn anything by posting this.

We love tumblers. It’s good to have your own tumbler and to carry it around so you don’t need disposables or single-use items. It’s good to have a tumbler with good insulation for hot or cold drinks. And it’s great so you don’t get your drink confused with someone else’s!

My family loves tumblers, just like we love travel utensils and utility things and emergency supplies. We love things that we can use on road trips or in emergencies. We’re terrified of going hungry or getting dehydrated. And boy do I love keeping my coffee hot.

I think we’ve tried a lot of different brands of tumblers and water bottles over the years. Some have good seals. Others have detachable straps or built-in carabiners. Some have really secure covers and others have flip-top covers. Some are ridiculously expensive, others are free at events.

Three of these four bamboo tumblers are mine! All were free giveaways.

I think, among all the brands we’ve tried, Stanley is really one of the best.

My brother has several Stanley tumblers, and we’ve used them all for various reasons. When our water dispenser was busted, we’d use Stanley tumblers filled with cold water and ice, and they’d keep the drinks cold for hours. My morning coffee stays hot until well past noon!

Stanley + Starbucks Stainless Steel Tumbler Quencher

A few months ago, my brother’s friend was selling these Stanley + Starbucks tumblers for really cheap. The original price was Php 1,595, but they were letting each one go at just Php 500, so we snapped up four pieces, in different colors!

Another brand we love is YETI. Oneal and Victor each have a Rambler 36 oz bottle with chug cap. My brother bought an 18 oz one for my mom.

The problem with always having a big tumbler is carrying it around, and I’m so glad we have a bunch of pouches, carabiners, straps and paracord for these purposes. But the best thing I’ve found is a Decathlon insulated cover with a strap.

I know a lot of people like Klean Kanteen but I haven’t actually tried it and the price always discourages me. What are your favorite tumbler brands?


  1. My family also love tumblers and we use different brands. We’ve tried Klean Kanteen, Hydroflask, and Aquaflask. They all have good insulation for hot and cold drinks! But I agree, both Klean Kanteen and Hydroflask are pricey. I’m not sure if Aquaflask is a relatively new brand, but they’re selling their tumblers with introductory prices ranging from 500-900 in malls and online. I think Aquaflask is worth a try! 🙂


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