Vanity in the Pandemic: Bleached for the very first time

I’ve never gotten my hair bleached before. I guess there’s a first time for everything!

I was really dying for a haircut. I mean. yes my hair still looked quite nice, thank you Roberto. But if you know anything about me, you know I quickly get bored with my hair, to the point that I’m tempted to shave it all off.

Finally, I was able to make an appointment in October. I told Roberto that I wanted a short bob, with curtain bangs. And I said I was thinking of going blonde, but I told him I’d never gotten bleached before.

To go easy on my hair, Roberto suggested a dark ashy blonde, and some purple streaks too. But bleaching and coloring always takes a while, and so I sat in the salon for about 4 or 5 hours while Roberto and Dana did their magic.

I adore Roberto and his talent, but I have to say, half the joy of going to the salon is the orgasmic shampoo and head massage by Dana. My God, it’s amazing.

You know what else is amazing? Roberto understands that I want fuss-free hair. I don’t like using product and I definitely don’t like using a blow dryer or a curling iron. I’m so glad that every haircut is wash-and-wear. That said, I won’t say no to a few curls from time to time, which is what Dana did after my cut and color!

Needless to say, I love my hair. I love how it looks loose, or pinned back, or tucked behind my ears.

And this is why only Roberto touches my hair!

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