Parenting in the Pandemic: My son has a YouTube channel

So, against my better judgment, I have agreed, and now Lucas is a YouTuber. Sigh.

Lucas plays video games on various platforms: his Android tablet, his Nintendo Switch. He’s even played some games on Steam, with both me and Oneal, on our desktop computers. A family favorite is Plants vs Zombies. Oneal put it on an old mobile phone so Lucas could play, and I got envious so I installed it on my phone and started playing too. Now Lucas and I both play Plants vs Zombies 2 on our respective tablets.

Fairly often, Lucas watches YouTubers playing PvZ. He watches their playthroughs, reviews, game streams and mods. He watches quite a few of these guys: Kindly Keyin, Zack Scott, The Frustrated Gamer. A few times I’ve told him, you keep watching these videos about these games, but you don’t actually play! So he’d get off YouTube and play one of his games. Lately he jumps around between Plants vs Zombies 2, Plants vs Zombies: Battle for Neighborville, and Plants vs Zombies: Garden Warfare 2.

The funny thing about this child is that he literally jumps around whenever he’s playing. Oneal connects his Switch to the TV, and Lucas alternates between sitting on the couch and jumping around while playing. He’s so animated and talkative, and he has a lively running commentary on what’s happening and what he’s doing. It’s so funny that Oneal decided to shoot video of him so we could show friends and family what he’s like when he’s playing.

Lucas was absolutely thrilled with the idea of being shot on video while playing. He would occasionally peek at the camera and say hi in between encounters with plants and zombies. Soon he started asking if he could have his own YouTube channel.

I was reluctant, but he kept asking, and Oneal had so many ideas for how to do it. So now, here we are. My son is a YouTuber!

Please like and subscribe. Kthxbai.

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