Parenting in the Pandemic: Like and subscribe!

It’s kind of hilarious that my son is now a YouTuber.

Lucas actually has a plan. He said, “We need to make 100 videos. Then, we’ll take a break. Then, we’ll record again!” Good Lord.

But it’s also a little worrisome. One of the things that bothers me is that he gets rather obsessed with playing and recording, and it’s led to some difficult behavior. So we decided on some ground rules.

First of all, no playing or recording in the mornings. After breakfast, he has to do one of his workbooks; he has a ton of these, mostly still blank. I take a look at the workbooks, and mark pages for him to do. When he’s done, I look at his work and show him where he did well, where he could improve.

He’s only allowed to record himself playing after school. That means he has to eat lunch properly, shower, and be a good boy in school. After that, he’s allowed to record a gaming session. As much as possible we try to limit his gaming to an hour, but sometimes Oneal helps him explore, or there’s a new section or character he hasn’t played before.

Inevitably there are struggles. “Lucas, time for dinner!” and he throws a tantrum because he still wants to play. He wants to play online, and a few times we let him, but this means he gets involved in missions or encounters and he can’t exit the game when we tell him to. Of course I worry about online predators, but none of the games he plays allows adding friends, or any voice or text chat, so I guess he’s safe for now.

We’re really trying hard to manage this whole thing, and like any new endeavor there are bound to be roadblocks and challenges. I like to think it’ll all work out, but we’ll see.

In the meantime, OMG we’re those parents who are running a YouTube channel for their kid. And yes, that means we’re setting up social media too. Please pray for our sanity. Kthxbai. (Don’t forget to like and subscribe!)

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