Plant Parenthood: I signed up for Lazada and of course I bought gardening things

THAT’S A STOCK PHOTO, OK?? The featured photo is a stock photo too!
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I really really do my best to avoid shopping apps. I uninstalled BeautyMNL and Zalora from my devices years ago, and I never browse Lazada or Shopee. If I need anything on these sites, I ask Oneal to help me find it. If I get a referral for a product I really want, I ask for a link so I can just ask Oneal to buy it directly from the same seller.

Until now.

Oneal and I needed new phones. We found a good deal on Lazada, and we were ready to order, except the seller didn’t allow a purchase of more than one unit per user per day. We didn’t want to miss out on the deal, so I decided, finally, to open an account on Lazada.

Oh God. What have I done?

Well of course we got our phones. Then I looked at fountain pens. And then I bought gardening things. Because of course.

I found someone selling all sorts of philodendrons and pothos, and some pretty pots. I finally bought myself some Monstera Adansonii and NJoy Pothos. I bought Red Emerald and Red Anderson Philodendrons, Birkin and Mayoi too.

Sad to say, not all of them survived; only the mayoi, njoy and monstera remain. The pots are really pretty though!

Of course I didn’t stop there. There was a watering can I couldn’t resist, and a spout that I could attach to a soda bottle to sprinkle water more gently on plants. There were plant labels, and coco rope to make plant poles. I even got spikes with little spouts, so I could set up a watering system for thirsty plants while we were away (didn’t work).

I’m happy to say I’ve gotten over my excitement, and I haven’t bought anything in a few weeks! Though I do need more of that coco rope….

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