Botchok’s emergency, part 2

What do you do when your cat is sick?  I wrote about Botchok’s recent health scare. Read Part 1 here.

Hospital cat

I visited the next day, and Botchok looked much better. She quacked as soon as she saw me, and Dr. Archie said she ate a bit. He gave me the food, and told me to try to feed her. Not only did she eat, she ate out of my hand!

Later that day, Dr. Archie sent me the results of Botchok’s blood test. I couldn’t understand most of it, but it seemed she was fighting the infection. He advised keeping Botchok confined for another day or two so she could continue her antibiotics.

I came back again on Tuesday, and Botchok seemed much more alert. I opened her cage, and she practically jumped onto my shoulder! It felt like she wanted to come home.

Botchok was discharged on Thursday, October 1, with a prescription for antibiotics and vitamin supplements, and strict instructions to keep her separate from the other cats. The other vet, Dr. Zara, said it was probably a bacterial infection.

Left to right: Botchok’s schedule of meds, her vitamins in gel form, her antibiotics, her regular food, and her special recovery diet

Recuperation in the nursing home

Botchok was prescribed a week of Clavamox, and a daily dose of vitamins. When I brought her home, we put her in a cage in my office, with her own feeding dish, water and litter box. She even got a special diet!

I brought her back to Dr. Archie for a follow-up blood test, and he pronounced her in much better health. The blood test results showed that Botchok was a bit anemic, so he prescribed Sangobion syrup for her. He said to bring her back after a week of Sangobion, for vaccinations.

What’s funny is that I’m sick now, and I also need Sangobion and Co-amoxiclav, which is also for bacterial infections! Did I mention I’m anemic too?

Advanced age aside, Botchok is pretty strong now. She eats so much, and swipes when she doesn’t get her way. It makes me so happy to see her healthy, and it’s nice to have her right here in my office too.

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