Where have all the nannies gone?

As of this post, Yaya Ruffa has arrived home, at Zamboanga Sibugay. She was with us for less than two months.

Lucas isn’t even two years old, and already he’s had four nannies. Like other mothers, I wonder why we can’t hang on to one for more than a few months. I hear other families talk about the nannies who took care of their parents, then took care of them and stayed on to watch a third generation.

But it isn’t like that anymore. So many families I know are desperately seeking nannies, like we are.

A lot of people tell me that girls and women in the provinces don’t feel a need to come to Manila for work anynmore. They can work as a housemaid or a nanny in their own hometown, or somewhere nearby, and the pay is almost if not just as good as what they would get in Manila. Others find work in the many small SM and Ayala Malls popping up all over the country. Or they would rather work abroad.

It’s great that they have more choices now, really. But in the meantime, I need to work too, and so does my husband, and we can’t keep staying home to take care of Lucas.

So, we’re desperately seeking a yaya. Again.

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