My favorite boy: What privacy?

I remember reading years ago that your privacy goes out the window once you have a child.

Oh, how true that is.

+ + + + +

I’m in the shower.

Lucas: Mommy, open the door!
I open the door.
Me: Yes Lucas?
Lucas: Mommy, after you shower, you have to brush your teeth. You smile like this, and you get the toothbrush, then up and down and up and down, then side and side. Then you gargle. Okay?
Me: Okay.

+ + + + +

Lucas wakes up.

Lucas: I want mommy milk.
Me: Okay, but can I go pee first?
Lucas: I want to go with you.
Me: *sigh* Okay.
Lucas: I want to sit on your lap.

+ + + + +

I’m out of the shower and brushing my teeth.

Lucas: Mommy, I can help you brush your teeth.
Me: It’s okay, I’m done.
Lucas: Okay. Mommy, I help you wear your pants.

+ + + + +

Back in pre-quarantine times: I’m putting on makeup.

Lucas: Mommy, what are you doing?
Me: I’m putting on makeup.
Lucas: I want makeup also.

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