My favorite boy: Junior paleontologist

On the day that we registered for our National ID, we decided to go around BGC for a while, just to see what was new, and to let our son run around. We had a pleasant lunch at Amici, saw some nice cats, and chanced upon a lovely exhibit at Mind Museum: Dino Play!

We were so happy to find this. Lucas was so, so thrilled, and as soon as he saw it he begged to go in and play.

It seems it opened just before Christmas, and will be open until February 27, 2022, from 9:00 AM to 5:45 PM, at least as of the advisory we saw on December 29. Like Mind Museum, visitors are only allowed in for specific time slots and durations. Entrance costs Php 150 for adults and children alike.

It’s a really fun exhibit and play area. It’s divided into several sections with different activities. There’s a dig site, where you can use little shovels and brushes to uncover fossils.

There’s a play area with kinetic sand, so you can make little dinosaurs using molds.

There’s a sort of fort, which you can climb using different kinds of ladders. There’s a play area where you can wear a dinosaur tail and sit on dinosaur eggs.

There’s a little room that looks like a museum. where they show you what dinosaur fossils looked like. Outside the paid play area, there are little exhibits where you can take pictures: dinosaur skeletons, a jeep that looks like it’s going to a dig site, dinosaur eggs you can stand in. It’s really so cute, and Lucas had so much fun!

Even now, Lucas begs to go back. If your kids (or kids at heart) love dinosaurs, check this out when it’s safe to go out again!

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