#FieldTrip: Some cats, some flowers, and a starfish

I saw some pretty heartbreaking things when I went on my first field comms assignment for Doctors Without Borders. But I saw some beautiful things too.

Gorgeous flowers

Maybe it’s the weather. Maybe it’s the sea air. Whatever it is, orchids seem to thrive in these islands. On Dinagat Island, on the small island barangays we visited, different varieties of these beautiful blossoms brightened my day.

These I found when I wandered around the streets surrounding Dinagat District Hospital.

I found these in Brgy Cagutsan, Surigao City.

Island cats

I was thrilled to find island cats! This white one was staring at me in Brgy. Sugbay, Surigao City.

This little cutie was guarding a net in Brgy. Bilabid, Surigao City.

And these two lived at the hotel where we stayed in Dinagat Island.

One of them was quite friendly.


I was amazed to see flying fish while we were on the boat, but I never got any pictures of them. I got this picture of a starfish though.


On our visits to the different barangays, we often saw seawalls and piers that had been dashed to pieces by Typhoon Odette. Underneath the broken cement were always large chunks of coral like these.

Slippery steps

I wandered around Brgy. Sugbay and took pictures of the damage. Over trees and up slippery slopes I climbed, then down these mossy steps to see the gym where many had taken refuge during the storm. Then I turned around and saw this. So I too the shot.

When I travel, I love wandering around by myself. That’s when I find things that catch my eye and make me think. I guess that’s one of the things I miss about traveling. You never know what you’re going to find.

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