The company I keep

Owl_Hi-ResI’ve been writing professionally since college. I’ve written for magazines and newspapers, accounting firms and insurance companies, blogs and passion projects. I’ve called myself a freelance writer for most of my professional life. I was perfectly content to keep writing for various websites and publications, and to keep accepting projects for various clients.

Last year, my career path took an unexpected turn, and I found myself suddenly becoming a business owner. To be more specific, I and five other friends banded together and established a business: Puzzled Owl Creative Consulting and Events Management Co.

Five of us are writers. Our sixth partner is what I like to call our “man of business”; he handles our accounting and financials. We do a lot of writing and consulting work. In addition to writing for different publications, we each have writing niches. Some can write about food and theater, others about art and music. I specialize in tech and science, particularly translating them into layman’s terms for easier consumption.

I also manage our website; check it out!

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