My pregnant husband

Have you heard of couvade? Also known as sympathetic pregnancy, it’s when men whose partners are pregnant experience pregnancy-related symptoms.

I wouldn’t go so far as to say Oneal had couvade, but sometimes it did seem like he was pregnant too!

People talk about pregnant women and their food cravings. My cravings aren’t so bad. Sometimes I feel like something sweet. Sometimes I want a really specific food. But the cravings aren’t unbearable, like I would get upset if I didn’t get the food right this minute.

Oneal, though, was the one who got cravings! “I want pizza,” he said one night before a movie.

Another time, he really wanted sushi and wasabi. A few times, he said, “I want KFC.” He craved crispy pata too, but I don’t think that counts because he always wants that, haha.

It didn’t stop at cravings though. Sometimes it seemed like he had other pregnancy symptoms too! He was sometimes tired and sleepy, like me. He got headaches like I did. And sometimes he complained of joint pain, in his knees and ankles!

Sometimes he’d mention one of these symptoms, and I’d say, “You’re pregnant.” He would reply, “Your fault.”

It’s funny, but the truth is, Oneal would carry this child if he could. We’ve wanted a child for so long, and he often says that if he could be the pregnant one, he’d totally go for it. Every time I complain about pain in my back or my hips, any discomfort or frustration, he gets this look that says, I wish I could take your pain.

So yeah, it isn’t accurate to say I’m pregnant, because the truth is, this pregnancy is happening to both of us!

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